ANSI Flange Connection Metal sealed Lifting Plug Valve


Lift Plug Valve

Main structural features
Bolt bonnet OS & Y lifting-round plug.
Opening and closing of the valve is carried out while the sealed surface is taken off,so it will not cause abrasion on the sealed surface.Double direction.

Principle of opening and closing of the valve
process of opening and closing of the valve.When opening the valve,first of all,turn the hand wheel to make the plug lifted and separated with the sealed surface,the turn the handled by 90 degree to connect the channel of plug th the channel of valve body.So that the valve is opened.When closing the valve,first of all turn the handle by 90 degree to mark the channel of plug vertical to the channel of valve body,and then the hand wheel to descend the plug.So that the valve is closed.




Pressure: Class 150lbs-1500lbs

Body Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel.

Operation: handwheel, gear, wrench


Applicable Standards

Design and Manufacture: API 599,API 6D
Face to face(end to end): ANSI B 16.10
Flanged connection: ANSI B16.5
Butt welded end: ANSI B16.25

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