ENO-Valve® Pneumatic Actuator PN16 Flanged Segment ball valve

Flange Segment Vee Ball Valve
Flange Segment Vee Ball Valve

V Type Segment Ball Valve, V sharp ball valve, for regulating the flow, flow accuracy, design in China, Flange or Wafer connection, high temperature Ball Valves.

Design Feature

  1. For regulating the flow, flow accuracy
  2. For demanding medium with solid material (PTFE seals not applicable)
  3. Briquetting axial seal is active, convenient maintenance sealed
  4. Body compact, affordable
  5. Tungsten carbide seal faces do deal


  1. Flange: GB/9113.1-2000, JB/T 79.1-1994, HG 20592-1997, ASME B 16.5, EN 1092-1:2001
  2. Pressure & Temperature rating: GB/T 12224-2007, ASME B 16.34-2003, ISO 7005-1
  3. Strength & Density Testing: GB/T 4213-2007
  4. Leakage Class: GB/T 4213-2007 V Class

         Segmented Ball Valve designed for throttling or on-off applications in various industries including pulp & paper, chemical, power, oil & gas, and mining. This segmented ball valve provides excellent modulating control with obstruction free design. The one piece body construction provides increased structural integrity and minimized leaks through body joints. The specially designed compound V opening provides precise equal percentage flow control with small incremental opening in the lower end of the valve rotation and high flow capacity in the upper end. The nearly wide open at full open, along with recessed bearings, virtually eliminates plugging/clogging of the valve.

The valve features a characterized ball segment for high range ability with splined stem connection for precise control, maintenance friendly segment-stem assembly, low friction shaft and thrust bearings for longer life, integral actuator mounting pads, and interchangeable seats.

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