Quality policy 2016

WENZHOU ENO Valve Co., Ltd contributes environmental improvements of the society by engaging in designing, manufacturing and the installation of environmental conscious valves for industrial use.
At the same time, we are aware of and concerned about the environmental impacts of energy/raw material consumption and factory wastes involved in our production activities.
Therefore, the managements and the whole staffs of Nippon Daiya Valve Co., Ltd. together, herein, announce to promote continuous environmental load-reducing.

At any times, being aware of the environmental impacts of any activities related to our products and services, we promote prevention of environmental pollution and continuous improvements of our environmental managing system.

We respect and comply with all the environmental laws, regulations, ordinances and our agreed other environmental requirements.

We promote followings as centerpiece of our environmental activities related to our products and services;

1. Take efforts to conform customers requirement and enhance
customers satisfaction.
・ By Ensuring comprehension and its reflection.
・ By Ensuring correct production and confirmation
・ By Reliable delivery

2. Promote improvements and developments to apply variety of comers needs

3. Ensuring comprehension of market trend and maintain products quality
To meet the trend.

4.Execute education plan to improve member’s abilities.

5. Eradicate carless mistakes by
・ By respecting internal rule and regulations
・ By commoditizing information and know-how.

6. Maintaining customers’ satisfaction & Quality, Realize revenue
・ By enhancing operation and production efficiency.
・ By cost reduction effort.

To accomplish this policy, we set environmental objectives and targets per departments
and we all together promote environmental managements.
In addition, we regularly review the objects and targets and revise if necessary.
We familiarize with not only all of our employs but also with our partner such as our
vendors and suppliers and we ask them for their understandings and cooperation.

President, WENZHOU ENO Valve Co., Ltd.