Rubber Lining Of Diaphragm Valve

Rubber Lining

rubber lining of diaphragm EPDMRubber Lining: a.hard natural rubber

b.soft natural rubber

c.chloroprene rubber

d.butyl rubber

“Lined Diaphragm Valve” with Superior Resistance to Corrosion/Chemicals

1) In addition to cast iron, and cast stainless steel, the valve body is manufactured with the optimal lining for resistance to crevice corrosion, corrosive fluids, metal ion elutions, etc.
2) Choose from our extensive line-up at a reasonable price to meet your requirements.
3) Standard line-up: rubber lining (hard natural rubber, soft natural rubber, chloroprene rubber, butyl rubber)
: fluorocarbon resin lining (PFA, ETFE)
: glass lining, porcelain lining (ceramic)

Note:The pictures and drawings in this website are only for references.Please contact our sales department for the details.

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