Pneumatic Alloy20 CN7M 904L UB6 Plug Valve With Flange Mounted

2532290812_1191876517sleeve type soft sealing plug valve accord to DIN is applicable to the cutting and connection of pipelines medium that are used in various industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, power industry etc under nominal pressure of PN1.6-16MPa, and working temperature of -29-180″C

  1. The product has reasonable structure, reliable sealing, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.
  2. Its sealing is realized by the sealing face around sleeve. It has unique 360 degree metal edge for protection and fixing of clipping cover.
  3. There is no cavity in the valve for accumulation of medium.
  4. Metal edge provides the function of self-cleaning when the plug is rotated,applicable to the operation condition that is glutinous and apt to smudge.
  5. Its characteristic double-dircetion flow makes installation and use more convenient.
  6. The materials of the parts and sizes of flanges can be reasonably configured according the actual operation condition of the requirements of the customers, so as to meet the various needs of engineering.

UB6 CN7M Plug Valve Show

CN7M Plug Valve-eno valve

Technical specification

Structural information BB-BG
Driving manner Wrench, worm & worm gear, pneumatic, electric-actuated
Design standard API599,API6D
Face to face DIN 3202F1
Flange end DIN 2543-2549
Test&inspection DIN 3230


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