Manually Operated Wire Type Diaphragm Valve

Wire Diaphragm Valve

diaphragm valveENOVALVE’s representative product, the diaphragm valve, is superior in “air-tightness,” “maintenance,” and “corrosion and chemical resistance.” We can adapt to many fields because we construct valves from a vast selection of materials to meet the requirements and composition of fluids, being superior in terms of cost performance as well. Made from the wealth of experience and achievements cultivated over a long history, our products offer peace of mind with high quality and high performance.

Wire Diaphragm Valve Features

1) Standard diaphragm valve with a weir in the flow path.
2) With built-in diaphragm (membrane) to partition fluids, and the superior sealing structure prevents contamination to fluids.
3) A simple structure with three units: the “actuator,” “diaphragm,” and “body.” The top entry system makes it easy to perform maintenance such as replacement of the diaphragm.
4) The most suitable materials for the body and diaphragm can be chosen to match the fluid composition, for a cost efficience, corrosion and chemically resistance.
5) Choose an actuator that meets your requirements. Applies to manually operated, pneumatically operated, flow controlling, and electrically operated types.
Chemical, environment/water treatment, iron and steel, ship, semiconductor, power including nuclear power, and other sectors.

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